Unlocking the Power of Sourdough: Budget-Friendly Grocery Tips for Healthy Eating

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I’ve always been passionate about healthy eating, but at the same time, I often struggled with the ‘you only live once’ mindset. I was very lax, to say the least. For the past few years, but especially this year, I have been extremely passionate about eating healthy and doing so on a tight budget! With inflation sky high and most Americans barely scraping by, it’s my mission to provide healthy recipes and ideas without the crazy cost.

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What Do I Need for Sourdough?

All you truly need is a jar, flour, and water! A way to measure, preferably a kitchen scale, is useful but you could technically do it based on consistency if needed. If sourdough is a foreign language, check out my sourdough for dummies; an easy beginner sourdough starter recipe.

Does Sourdough Save Money?

While the answer to this is going to vary by person/family, the short answer is yes. I’ll give you a cost breakdown based on my personal grocery order to put it into perspective for you.

this is based on Thrive Market, which is where we do most of our grocery shopping.

  • Hawaiian rolls (2pck) $18
  • burger buns $6
  • sandwich loaf x2 $14
  • muffins/breakfast bakery item x2 $12

total per week/$50 total per month/ $200

  • Organic King Arthur Flour (x2 bread x2 all purpose) $36 per month

Now obviously, depending on what you are making, you’re going to need ingredients besides flour and sourdough starter. A lot of recipes call for oil or butter, so to keep that cost down I always have a huge jar of coconut oil on hand.

Lazy Sourdough Meals

I always keep a sourdough loaf in the freezer, and 9/10 have a fresh loaf on the counter as well. I maintain my starter daily, which means I also have a healthy stockpile of discard to use. Because of this, I have two go-to ‘lazy’ meals that require minimal ingredients or time.

  1. Sourdough Pizza Toast; this meal is so customizable, takes 5 minutes to cook, and is delicious! It’s easy to switch up by simply changing up your toppings and flavor combos.
  2. Sourdough Discard Skillet Pizza; whats easier than tossing some discard into a cast iron skillet, baking it for 10 mins, then topping it with cheese or whatever else you want?

Save Money on Groceries While Eating Healthy with Sourdough

If you’re just getting into your ‘the food system is trash era’ I know how overwhelming it can be. It’s hard to decide what to cut out first, what to make from scratch first, etc.

Because of the ease, affordability, and versatility; sourdough is my number one recommendation. Sourdough is gut-healthy, easy to digest, and delicious.

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