2024 Tractor Supply Hoover’s Hatchery Chicks Pricing

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It’s finally that time of year- Chick Days at Tractor Supply! If you’re ready to build your backyard flock, you can expect to pay three to eight dollars per chick.

Why Chick Days Rocks

Chick Days is a big deal for chicken lovers. You get to pick from cool heritage breeds that have been around forever and are super hardy, or go for hybrid layers if you’re all about those eggs.

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What’s in Store at Chick Days

Head over to Tractor Supply during Chick Days and you’ll find:

  • A Variety of Breeds: From egg machines to meat birds and everything in between.
  • Chick Supplies: They’ve got all the gear you need to raise happy chicks.
  • Helpful Staff: Got questions? Their team’s on hand to help you pick the perfect peeps.

Types of Chickens You Can Find

At Tractor Supply, you’ll see a whole range of chickens, including:

  • Heritage Breeds: Like the trusty Rhode Island Red, these are the old-school, live-long-and-prosper kind.
  • Hybrid Layers: Think the ISA Brown – egg-laying champs but not as tough as the heritage crew.
  • Favorite Features: Everyone loves Easter Eggers for their rainbow eggs and White Leghorns for their egg-laying superpowers.

Overwhelmed with breed options? Check out my Guide to Raising Hens for more insight on the best egg laying breeds.

Getting Ready for Your Chickens

Before you bring your new feathered friends home, make sure you’ve got their home set up:

  • Cozy Coop: Enough room to move, good air but no drafts, and safe from predators.
  • Brooder: When your chicks are little, it’s best to have them inside a brooder box so you can easily keep an eye on them. If you want a friendly flock, it’s best to handle them often.
  • Warmth: A heat source (I recommend this heating plate) to keep those little ones warm. While heat lamps are still popular, I advise against them. They are prone to fires if not used properly.
  • Food and Water: The right chick starter feed, grit, and easy-to-use waterers.

Tips for Picking Chicks

When you’re at Tractor Supply picking out chicks, keep an eye out for active, bright-eyed little ones that look healthy and fluffy. Avoid any that aren’t moving much or have dirty feathers. This is where the biggest benefit comes into play, seeing the chicks post-travel. If you opt for mail-order chicks and pick them up from your local post office, there’s a high probability some won’t make it.

Before you get to the store: it’s important to know what baby chickens look like based on the chick breeds. While it’s not always going to be easy to tell, it doesn’t hurt to have an idea in the event some baby birds end up in the wrong tubs. 

Understanding Costs

Price Tags: Chicks usually start around $3, but prices can vary.
Gear Up: Don’t forget to budget for a brooder, feeders, waterers, and heat sources, plus ongoing costs like feed and vet care.
After You Buy Once you’ve got your chicks from Tractor Supply, make sure they settle in well:

Brooder Setup: Keep them warm (start at 95°F and decrease weekly) and on paper towels initially.
Check-ins: Keep their food and water topped up and adjust their living space as they grow.
Need Help? Tractor Supply is there to help post-purchase with plenty of resources and knowledgeable staff to answer your chicken-rearing questions. Plus, there’s a whole community of chicken enthusiasts out there to connect with for support.

So, get excited for Chick Days, and happy chick picking! 🐣

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to expand your flock or start a new one, Tractor Supply stores are a great place to start. In this section, we answer some of the most common questions about purchasing chickens during Tractor Supply’s Chick Days.

What breeds of chickens does Tractor Supply offer during Chick Days?

Tractor Supply offers a variety of breeds during Chick Days, including layers, bantams, and exotic breeds. The specific breeds available can vary by location and season.

What are the price ranges for live chickens at Tractor Supply?

The price for live chickens at Tractor Supply typically ranges from $1.99 to $4.29 per chick. Prices can vary based on breed and grade.

How can I find out if live chickens are available at my local Tractor Supply store?

You can check the availability of live chickens at your local Tractor Supply by visiting their website or contacting the store directly.

When can I expect Tractor Supply to hold its Chick Days event in 2024?

Chick Days at Tractor Supply are held seasonally each year. For 2024 dates, it’s best to check with your local store or keep an eye on their website for announcements, but they usually begin in late February to early March.

Can I purchase chickens at Tractor Supply that are already laying eggs?

Tractor Supply is primarily known for selling baby chicks during Chick Days, but for laying hens, it would be best to inquire at your local farmers market.

What should I look for when selecting a chicken coop from Tractor Supply?

When selecting a chicken coop from Tractor Supply, consider the size appropriate for your flock, durability, predator-proof features, and ease of cleaning. I personally believe building your own coop is more cost-efficient and better quality.

Questions about raising chickens? Comment below!

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